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Act professionally. Renting can be simple.

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Rent, bills, fees, leasehold, council tax, invoices and more - all that noted and added for you. Monthly and annual statement for each contract and property.


All tenants and their contract right in front of you. Easy access to their data, whether they are past or present clients.


Your online filing system with files attached to properties, tenants. Cases documented with bills and photos, purchases with invoices and guaranties, all with immediate access.


Planning and organizing for you and with you. Precise tool that will remind you about upcoming events, show you the dates concerning each tenant.


Contact your tenants through our service, have a clear history of all arrangements.

Furniture and renovations

Interactive list of all your belongings, easy system of tracking all the changes and renovations. Make sure is this the right time for refurbishments.


Create a profile for property, add photos and documents. Describe all the rooms and the furniture that belongs to them. Note all the important changes straight away.

Tenant account

Invite through e-mail address your tenant to online cooperation. Our service will provide him with basic information about his contract, we will show him financial statement - always up to date.


Don’t leave it to chances, the service will remind you when is the time to renew your contract, or find new tenants. Make sure your property is full of life.

All tenants in one spot, portable, accessible and available at any time.

Easy Navigation

Your documents at the touch of hand, quick and straightforward registration and you are ready to work online.

You decide what is important to you:

  • Add unlimited number of properties
  • Choose your own photos
  • Easy search
  • Work and edit at convenient time
All in one spot, portable, accessible and available at any time.

About Us

Our Team

We are small, passionate crew based in Poland. We appreciate both the online creations as the offline life with all its pleasures. We make time for our family lives, work, hobbies, travels and the most needed chill out time. We believe good time management can give you nearly all of that, with the help of well-designed tools at hand. This is where Lokum.Pro is coming in. We know property market inside-out , we are landlords, we used to be tenants as well. Both here and in other countries.

Our Philosophy

Act professionally. Renting can be simple.

Our Experience

We used our combined experience to design the product that will hopefully meet your expectations. We believe the key to success is to keep it simple and clear, but efficient at the same time. Add your first property, move in some tenants and you are ready to be on the go. We prepared all the possibilities, and you can decide how to use them. Add as many data as you wish. And pull them out back again - any time any place. Use Lokum.Pro on your mobile device, it is convenient and portable.

Our Client Testimonials

Mobile Solution

You are not restrained to given spaces, free you time and mobility, combine work and pleasures.

Explore new possibilities, get away from your desk:

  • Use it on your smartphone and tablet
  • Take notes on the run, while visiting property
  • Check upon your data during phone conversation
  • Take Lokum.Pro on your business trip – it likes to travel

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